Sure Smile Clear Aligners in Salem, OR

Sure Smile Clear Aligners in Salem, OR

SureSmile clear aligners, also called invisible braces, are removal clear braces used to rectify the alignment of your teeth. They are made from a clear retainer material called Essix Ace plastic and are customized to perfectly fit over a patient's teeth. 

The treatment contains a series of alignment trays that periodically fit your teeth, as per the recovery rate.

How Do SureSmile Clear Aligners Work?

In the first appointment with the dentist in Salem, OR, at Cascade Dental Group LLC, we take 3-D scans of your mouth and plan out the aligners that are to be custom-prepared. This outline is then sent to dental labs, and in the next appointment, the removable set is placed over your teeth. The fit is checked for, and adjustments are made. 

In the monthly follow-up visits, the aligners are changed from time to time according to the progress of your treatment. During the last appointment with the dentist in Salem, OR, we will remove the aligners and give you retainers to keep your teeth in their new aligned positions.

Due to the flexible plastic used, the SureSmile aligners fit better over your teeth and ensure a better alignment. 

Who is a Good Candidate for SureSmile Clear Aligners?

Are you considering straightening your teeth but hesitant about traditional braces? SureSmile clear aligners in Salem, OR, might be the perfect solution for you. 

These aligners are a great option for individuals looking to correct mild to moderate dental misalignments without the hassle of metal wires and brackets. Whether you have crowded teeth, gaps, or an overbite, SureSmile clear aligners can help improve your smile discreetly.

Ideal candidates for SureSmile clear aligners are those committed to wearing them for at least 22 hours a day. You should also be dedicated to following the dentist's guidance on switching out aligner trays every few weeks.

If you're looking for a more convenient and aesthetically pleasing alternative to traditional braces, consider discussing SureSmile Clear Aligners with our dentist in Salem, OR, during your next appointment. Schedule your appointment NOW!

What are the Uses of SureSmile Clear Aligners?

SureSmile aligners in Salem, OR, are used to solve the following problems:

  • Repair the gap between teeth
  • Treat underbite, crossbite, and overbite issues
  • Align crooked teeth

SureSmile aligners fit perfectly over your teeth and solve complex orthodontic problems.  

Advantages of SureSmile Clear Aligners over Traditional Braces

SureSmile aligners are made from BPA-free plastic without any sharp edges, unlike traditional braces, which are made from metals and are often very uncomfortable to the mouth. They are barely visible to the naked eye and maintain the aesthetics of your smile. These aligners are a removable set that can be taken off while eating and brushing teeth. This ensures oral hygiene and thus prevents teeth infections. The treatment time for SureSmile Aligners is much shorter than traditional metal braces, with an average of 6 months over 18 to 24 months. 

How to Take Care of SureSmile Clear Aligners?

Taking care of the braces does not require any extra attention. These are the few steps to keep in mind while using SureSmile aligners in Salem, OR:

  • Brush your teeth twice daily and maintain good oral hygiene.
  • Avoid food that may stain your aligners 
  • Do not forget to use mouthwash, as suggested by our dentist in 97302

If you want to learn more about us, feel free to contact our dental office today to schedule an appointment with our dentist in Salem, OR. Our doctors and team are always here to help your smile stay healthy!


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